How BRT Came 2 Be !

Hi Everyone!

       For the first blog post I thought a little backstory on the new Bonnie Raitt Tribute band would be nice to tell you about....

Back in March of 2018 I was invited to perform with a few very fine vocalists at a Bonnie Raitt Tribute show in Upstate New York. I was honored to be asked. Not just because I enjoy the music of Bonnie Raitt, but because she was an influence in my musical life since I was very young.  I've been playing a few favorite Bonnie songs for many decades & I've been a blues & blues rock player & activist , like Bonnie, for just as long. 

        Now I'm sure a few of us female blues & blues rock musicians can say that. However, I actually happen to look, sing, and play guitar like her when I'm into my bluesy jazzy music. Slide just seemed to always come naturally to me. So as I walked on the stage to perform my first Bonnie Raitt song at that tribute show back in the Spring of 2018, about 200 people gave me the warmest welcome... they actually were pretty over the top, before I even opened my mouth or slid my first slide note! I was mystified.  Well, 3 songs later, audience members were grabbing me as soon as I walked off the stage asking me all kinds of questions like "Who ARE You?!", "When's your next show?" "We hear you live in Buffalo !? " "When we walked in and saw You, we thought you were Bonnie Raitt!" 

I gave it some thought & realized that I needed to get back to my roots, and my blues & slide tunes. I can hear you asking.."Blues,...roots? What blues roots does a white girl from NY have?" Well, I grew up the daughter of an Italian immigrant, in Rochester NY, a major route on the under ground railroad.  All I heard on the radio growing up were blues, R&B, rock and rock blues  tunes(along with Italian music during Sunday pasta dinners). I came from a broken home, an artist , an empath, always on the outside looking in. It was an amazing musical heritage. I also grew up listening to the socially conscious & creative rock bands of the '60's, many i.e. Led Zeppelin, Humble Pie,  that took the blues tunes and rocked them up making the message that much more powerful . 

So, here we are.  I decided after that great show of excitement at the Bonnie Raitt Tribute Show last Spring to find some great musicians and have some fun getting back to my roots.  I hope You enjoy this music as much as we enjoy bringing it to You. 



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